The Unit of Students Promotion

Only promote students belonging to the dean of students, staff includes counselors to help students with disabilities in the following areas: field studies

Providing advice for dealing with stress and rhythm in accordance disability studies, especially in the first year studies.

“Tailoring a suit learning” appropriate individual student needs in collaboration with faculty.

Open learning skills appropriate teaching methods at the Technion.

Counseling and follow-on adjustments in examinations.

Assistance and mediation with faculty and academic staff.

Providing individual tutoring by students excel.

Approval to enter experience a special computers for the visually impaired.

Emotional domain providing advice and support for emotional problems according to the needs of students – coping under stress, interpersonal communication, erosion and so on. Students advancing unit building located Ullman, Floor 400 Phone: 8294546, 8.29411 million, 8,294,112